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Presidents of IRFU & Ulster Branch


1905/06     F M Hamilton 

1908/09      Ainsworth Barr

1932/33      Charles S Neill

1953/54      J B O'Callaghan

1962/63      J A E Siggins

1986/87      W E Bell

1994/95      K E Reid

1999/2000      W S H Lavery


1995 Rugby World Cup Chairman

Sir Ewart Bell


Presidents of Irish Rubgy Football Union ( Ulster Branch )

1901/02      F M Hamilton

1905/06      Charles S Neill

1910/11      Ainsworth Barr

1919/20      Norman Wilson

1928/29      J C Gillespie

1935/36      J B O'Callaghan

1951/52      J A E Siggins

1955/56      C V Smylie

1959/60      O B Glasgow

1969/70      Walter Smyth

1974/75      W E Bell

1980/81      K E Reid

1985/86      W S H Lavery

1987/88      Willoughby Wilson

1996/97      D C Glass


Honorary Secretary of the Ulster Branch

K.E. Reid 1981-90 

Honorary Treasurers of the Ulster Branch

C.V. Smylie    W. Smyth ?-!968  
D. Reid 1968-70  D.C. Glass 1986-96
J. McComish 1987-?

Chief Executive Officer of the Ulster Branch 

1997/2010 M.J. Reid 


Ulster Branch
Methodist College Belfast
Harlequins RFC

Collegians Club
Formerly - Deramore Park,
County Antrim, Northern Ireland


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